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Beyond Personal Finance

teaching kids the power of planning

About the Class

What will you learn?

I am passionate about teaching kids the benefits of proper planning and hard work.  In this class, you will see firsthand the financial impact of the choices you make.  Along the way, we will cover the following subjects:


Student Loans and Financial Aid

Career Choice  


Car Purchase   

Apartment Living   

Home Purchase and Furnishing

Engagement and Marriage   



Investments and Retirement Saving   


All Types of Insurance

How will you learn it?

The 20-week class (24 weeks for the  2018/2019 classes) is a journey through the student's "life" from graduation to their mid 40s played as a game to experience firsthand what those years might entail financially.

Are you right for this class?

The curriculum is designed for middle school and early high school students with a working knowledge of decimals, percentages and basic algebra.  

Ready to get started?

Give your teen a vision of their future, it will be a journey they will never forget.

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Charla McKinley