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Beyond Personal Finance

not just information, transformation

About the Class

What will they learn?

As parents, we know the devastating impact of financial illiteracy:  bankruptcy, broken marriages, high stress levels.  Let me help you show your student the financial impact of their choices.  Along the way, we will cover the following subjects:


Student Loans and Financial Aid

Career Choice and Payroll

Car Purchase   

Home Purchase and Furnishing

Marriage, Children and Divorce   

Investments and Retirement Saving   

All Types of Insurance

How will they learn it?

The 20-lesson class is a journey through the student's "life" from graduation to their mid 40s.  Each lesson, the student will learn a financial truth and apply it by making a choice that will impact their personal budget.  They will see their savings rise and fall based on these choices.

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Are they right for this class?

The curriculum is designed for middle school and high school students with a working knowledge of decimals, percentages and basic algebra.  

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 Explore Your Options 

There are other financial books out there.  My course is different.  Here your student will experience financial realities not just read about them.



 Choose Your Format 

I offer live and online classes to fit your schedule.  



I Stand By It

If your student does not show signs of financial enlightenment after 8 lessons, simply return the books for a full refund of your course fee. 

Ready to get started?

Give your teen a vision of their future, it will be a journey they will never forget.

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Beyond Personal Finance

Charla McKinley