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Marie Hippsley has no financial background but used the online videos and her own personal experience "adulting" to teach the Beyond Personal Finance curriculum to 22 students at the Southwest Wake Homeschool Co-Op.  Watch what she has to say about how this class can transform a group.

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 For a kid that typically procrastinates and doesn’t care for “school”, he’s really getting into your class. I love it!   - Mom, 2020 Class
We are enjoying the curriculum.  It has actually been encouraging for my daughter who was overwhelmed at how to pay for college loans.  She is seeing that she can make wise choices both in spending and career decisions and will do fine.  It has been much more realistic for her than other personal finance programs which tend to stress her out.  My other kids are already asking when they can start.  - Mom, 2019 "At Home"  Teacher
 We started BPF this morning. I planned for us to divide Lesson 1 into two days. We finished up what I had planned for day 1 and my girls begged to keep going, so we finished all of Lesson 1 and they begged to go on to Lesson 2...but I made them stop so that we could move on to another subject!  - Mom, 2019 "At Home" Teacher
My son has learned so much taking your class. This is in our top three best classes for all teens to take. I see so many churches offering other programs and sadly those programs are designed for the huge amount of people in a tremendous amount of debt. This program gives a proactive approach to looking at finances and choosing wisely instead of trying to fix your finances after making bad choices.  - Mom, 2019 Class
 One of the BEST classes my senior took in high school. Personal finance is critically important for everyone to understand to help avoid the pitfalls that so many people fall into after graduation.  "Life Skills" need to be taught along side of math, social studies and science.   Most adults don't end up struggling in life because they can't remember how to use the Pythagorean Theorem, but too many suffer if they do not understand basic financial principles.  For all parents considering this class, sign up your student today. Charla does a great job teaching this very important "life skill" in a fun and logical way. Give your student the tools they need to thrive financially and in life.  Thanks again Charla for this wonderful program! Your work will have a lasting, positive impact on families and marriages for generations.  - Dad, 2019 AM Class

I love how you structure your class to be like real life!  Thank you for teaching these life lessons!     -  Mom, 2018 PM Class

 Every teen should take this class in order to prepare them for important financial decisions later in life.            -  Student, 2018 AM Class

I thought the class was awesome!  I learned that life takes money.  - Student, 2018 PM Class

I personally believe that this class was flawless.  The math and concepts were explained very thoroughly.  I would take this class again.  - Student, 2018 AM Class

I feel it has given them a true taste of what living on her own will be like financially. There was a nice mix of letting the kids choose their own path in life with housing and job choices while still having to deal with the "unexpected" issues that will really crop up in normal living.  It gave the kids a more balanced view of living on their own rather than just having them pretend to find a job and an apartment after college.  Plus, it made the class fun! My kids would excitedly tell me on the way home in the car all the "new" things that happened in their "life" that they now had to deal with/plan for  (marriage, birth of children, cars breaking down, etc) Your class has definitely been one of their favorites.  - Mom, 2017 Class