BPF Alumni Scholarship

Attention Graduates

Big News!

Are you an alumni of BPF who will be graduating soon?  If so, consider applying for my $1,000 alumni scholarship.  You must be a senior to apply and the $1,000 will go to one BPF alumni who best completes the following:

- Submit a video (up to one minute in length) on a BPF lesson you applied to your life and the result.  
- The description that I use for BPF is "Transform your teen from financially illiterate to financially enlightened".  Submit a written paper (500 word limit) on why parents should provide their teen with financial skills.

- Submit a picture to be used in the social media award announcement.

Both the video and paper will be used on the BPF social sites so both must be in presentation ready format.  Videos must be in one of the following formats:  MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and FLV.  Written paper must be in MS Word format.

Submissions must be emailed to bpfteacher@gmail.com in May of your senior year.  Deadline dates will be posted each year.


Good Luck!